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8:00 AM, Monday, September 25, 2017

HIGHLIGHTS... CHINA -Some dry time this week favorable for summer crop harvest in Manchuria, then wetter for 6-10 day. Father south summer crop harvest, winter crop planting & other fieldwork most greatly slowed this week by rain in vicinity of Yangtze Valley in southern North China Plain & northern Southern Region. Less rain just to north & just to south. For 6-10 day more rain in larger part of North China Plain & less in Southern Region. -- BRAZIL - Rain needed ahead of significant summer crop planting in most northern into central growing areas. Best chances near future will be in western 1/2 of Mato Grosso, western into southern Mato Grosso do Sul, southwestern Sao Paulo & Parana. Rain stays lighter farther east & northeast. More rain in far southern Brazil & eastern Paraguay adds or keeps up soil moisture, also slows fieldwork. -- ARGENTINA - Rain most areas this week, trend for 6-10 & 11-15 day near to a little below normal. Rain keeps soils wet where recent rain has been heaviest in central & southern growing areas & slows early planting. Less rain longer term, but not totally dry in these areas. -- AUSTRALIA - Near term rainfall favors western wheat areas & far southern parts of eastern wheat areas. Less rain, with need for rain continuing in rest of eastern areas. -- EUROPE - Trend for wetter weather overall much of this area slows fieldwork here into 6-10 day, but a few drier days near term far northeast & east-central areas. Rain would benefit Spain, but amounts look light. -- FSU - In southern growing areas rains favor far southeast near term & western & southeastern areas for 6-10 day. Elsewhere rain needed to increase soil moisture for winter crop planting. Any delays of completion of spring wheat harvest confined to far east, more favorable weather elsewhere. -- CANADA PRAIRIES - Drier pattern favorable for harvest this week, then some rain returns for 6-10 day. -- INDIA - Additional rainfall this week into 6-10 day adds or maintains soil moisture in southeastern 2/3 to 3/4 of India. Farther northwest drier, with lighter rain & seasonal wetter season ending in more areas.


    Rainfall past 72 hours 0.25-1.00" some eastern growing areas of Manchuria, lighter farther west. 0.75-3.00" rainfall along Yangtze Valley in southern North China Plain & far northern part of Southern Region, with a few heavier & few lighter amounts. Rain lighter & more scattered in rest of North China Plain & Southern Region.

    In Manchuria some additional 0.05-0.50" rain next 24 hours, then drier into late week. In most of North China Plain some rain into mid week, then greatest chances shift to south again. Rainfall 0.75-3.00" in south, 0.10- 0.75" farther north. Most of Southern Region has rain this week, greatest amounts in far north & far southwest with 0.75-3.00", 0.25-1.00" elsewhere. 6-10 day rainfall near to above normal Manchuria & North China Plain, near to below normal Southern Region. Some dry time this week allows further summer crop harvest in Manchuria, then wetter for 6-10 day. Farther south summer crop harvest, winter crop planting & other fieldwork most slowed by additional rain in vicinity of Yangtze Valley in southern North China Plain & northern Southern Region. Better, but not ideal, conditions for fieldwork farther north & farther south. Wet over more of North China Plain for 6-10 day, while less rain in more of Southern Region.


    Large part of this area dry past 72 hours, with with some showers in far south & in some northeastern growing areas. Rain chances increase this week in western into southern growing areas, with some 0.25- 1.00" amounts by end of week in western 1/2 of Mato Grosso, western into southern Mato Gross do Sul & southwestern Sao Paulo, then southward through Parana into Rio Grande do Sul. Similar amounts in Paraguay. Farther northeast in Brazil rainfall lighter & more spotty, with some greater amounts along east coast. 6-10 day rainfall near to above normal southwestern 2/3 of growing areas, mostly below normal northeastern 1/3. 11-15 day rainfall near normal far southern, far northwestern far northeastern growing areas, mostly below normal elsewhere. Most growing areas from sections of Parana northward need rain coming out of dry season to allow early soybean & corn planting to occur. Areas most likely to get some significant amounts into first part of Oct. include Parana, southwestern Sao Paulo, southern & western Mato Grosso do Sul & western 1/2 of Mato Grosso. Rain stays lighter east & northeast of these areas, not adding much soil moisture. Rain in far southern Brazil & in eastern Paraguay keeps up soil moisture, but does slow fieldwork at times.

High Temperature Map 24-Hour Rainfall Map


    During past 72 hours much of this area dry, with some showers in far northern growing areas Fri. into early Sat. Rain returns to most areas this week with some 0.50-1.50" amounts & few heavier. 6-10 day rainfall near normal most areas, some below far south & far north. 11-15 day rainfall near normal. After a few drier days rain returns this week with significant amounts keeping soils wet where rain past few months has been heaviest in some central into southern growing areas. Rain beneficial in some far northern growing areas. Less rain, but not totally dry for 6-10 into 11-15 day periods, so drying of soils slowed in wettest areas & early planting slowed also.


    During past 72 hours greatest rainfall occurred in parts of southern 1/3 to 1/2 of India, as well as in some north-central into northeastern locations. A few amounts in 0.50-2.00+ range, but also quite a few lighter. Elsewhere rainfall scattered & light, dry in Gujarat & northwest. Rainfall this week favors southern onto eastern 2/3 of region & for 6-10 day southern into eastern 3/4. Less rain farther northwest & little or none parts of Gujarat into northwest. Most southern into eastern area get rain this week & about southeastern 3/4 of region for 6-10 day, adding some late season moisture for summer crops. Farther northwest drier hear near term & 6-10 day amounts light. Seasonal rains have been lessening & coming to end in northwestern India as seasonal monsoon retreats some to south & east.


    During past 72 hours significant rain confined mostly parts of far northwestern France & Great Britain, as well as some eastern & few south-central areas. Amounts 0.20-0.80". Elsewhere rain spotty & light. Less rain this week in far northeastern & east-central areas & rain stays light in Spain. Rain continues in southeast & increases rest of region. 6-10 day rainfall near to above normal, some below in Spain. Recent pattern of less rain favorable for summer crop harvest & winter crop planting in western into central areas, but some rain has fallen in far northwest. Wetter pattern in all of these areas except Spain mid week into 6-10 day slows fieldwork again. Rain would be beneficial in Spain. Some brief dry time beneficial in far northeastern & east-central Europe beneficial for fieldwork this week, but farther south in east additional rain forecast Wetter all of east again for 6-10 day.


    In southern summer crop & winter crop areas past 72 hours some rainfall of 0.25-1.00" range reported in parts of & Ukraine. Elsewhere spotty & light. In spring wheat areas some mainly scattered, light rainfall past 24 hours, with some 0.25-1.00" amounts in east. Rainfall this week spotty & light light in most parts of southern summer crop & winter crop areas, with some rain in southern part of Southern Region. 6-10 day rainfall below normal most areas, some near normal far west & far south. Rainfall spotty & light much of western spring wheat areas this week, greater coverage of light amounts central into east. Most amounts over 0.25" only in far east. 6-10 day rainfall near to below normal most areas, a few above normal amounts far east. In southern growing areas conditions favorable for summer crop harvest & winter crop planting in most areas this week & in many areas for 6-10 day. Some recent rain in parts of Ukraine area just to northwest, & some upcoming rain in far southeast beneficial for increasing soil moisture for winter wheat. Many central into eastern areas need rain to increase soil moisture & not much seen. No major delays in much of spring wheat areas for completion of harvest, but progress slowed at times in far east.


    Most rainfall scattered & light past 72 hours, with some in 0.25-1.00" range in southern MB. Some additional showers far east next 12 to 24 hours, drier trend overall this week. 6-10 day precip near normal. overall drier pattern this week favorable harvest. Some rain returns again for 6-10 day.


    During past 72 hours some 0.20-0.80" rainfall common in western wheat areas, with some amounts over an inch in far southwest. In eastern areas a few showers occurred in far northern & far southern part of wheat area. Amounts under 0.20", with a few heavier in southeastern South Australia. Some additional 0.10-0.75" rainfall in western areas this week, especially first half of week. Similar amounts in far southern parts of eastern wheat areas, lighter overall elsewhere. Most 6-10 day amounts near to below normal. Recent rain & some additional this week in far southern part of eastern wheat areas & in western wheat areas improve or maintain late season growing conditions. In most of eastern wheat areas need for rain continues & increases, with some yield reduction likely. Some rain forecast, but not major amounts. Window of opportunity for rain to help crops is getter shorter.

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