7:30 AM, Thursday, January 04, 2018

6-10 Day Forecast Map


    MIDWEST - Temps well below into Fri. and Sat., then milder into early next week. 6-10 day temps near to below normal. Significant snow only around Great Lakes in near term, then greater chances for a mix of precip over more of region later weekend into early next week.

    EASTERN 1/2 TX INTO DELTA/SOUTHEAST - Below to much below normal temps give a way to milder conditions near term in west, then farther east later weekend into early next week. 6-10 day temps near to above normal. Next precip chances mainly later weekend into first half of next week.

    PLAINS - Gradual trend toward milder temps overall into weekend, but still some colder than normal days in northeast. 6-10 day temps near to below normal north, mostly near normal south. Most precip stays light.

    NORTHEASTERN U.S. - Much below normal temps into weekend, then moderating to near and a little below normal for 6-10 day. Major winter storm affects this today into ton.


      MIDWEST - 1-5 day heating demand above normal, but trending closer to normal late in period. 6-10 day demand near to above normal. 11-15 day demand mostly near normal, some above far east. Cold temps next few days keep feeding demands high for livestock, then milder. Some lows around zero next few nights in southern winter wheat areas with little or no snow cover. Elsewhere some snow cover gives some protection from some subzero lows in rest of winter wheat areas.

      EASTERN 1/2 TX INTO DELTA/SOUTHEAST - There will continue to be freezing low temps along parts of Gulf Coast next one or two nights and some lows down around 30 in FL citrus areas as far south as areas just north and west of Lake Okeechobee. Temps moderating in TX next few days, and then eastward into weekend and early week. Near term heating demand above normal central and east, but decreasing later in 5 day. Demand decreasing to near and below normal in far west. 6-10 day heating demand near to below normal, 11-15 day demand near to above normal.

      PLAINS - Gradual moderation in temps in major cattle areas, no major storms in most areas, but some increasing precip chances in northern and central areas for 6-10 day. No major precip most Hard-Red Winter wheat areas.

      NORTHEASTERN U.S. - Heating demand well above normal into early next week, then closer normal for 6-10 and 11-15 day periods.


    1-5 Day Forecast Map

    MIDWESTERN U.S. (NE to OH and southern MN to southern IL)

      High temperatures yest. from single numbers northwest to low 30s far south. Some mostly light snow spread southeastward over southeastern 2/3 of region yest. into last night, with drier weather farther west and northwest. Lows in single numbers below and above zero most areas today, some colder in west and some warmer in east. In southern winter wheat areas where there is little or no snow cover most readings single numbers/low teens above zero.

      No major precip most areas into Sat. Lake effect snows continue around southern Great Lakes, with only scattered, light snow elsewhere. Highs mostly single numbers and teens, with some 20s far south and far west. Warmer over more of far west on Sat. Normal high today 26 Sioux Falls, 40 St. Louis and 32 Detroit. Subzero lows common next few nights, with lows around zero in southern winter wheat areas where there is little or no snow cover in some areas. Temps warm closer to normal from west to east Sun. into early next week with some snow chances in north and mixed precip farther south.

    6-10 Day Forecast Map SOUTHEASTERN U.S. (Delta east to Carolinas)

      High temperatures yest. mostly 30s/40s. A mix of snow, sleet, rain and freezing rain produced some snow and ice accum. yest. into last night in far eastern areas with no significant precip farther west. Low today in 20s to around 30 most Gulf Coastal areas, with some readings down around 30 in FL as far south as the citrus areas just north and west of Lake Okeechobee.

      No major precip into Sat. Highs today from 20s/low 30s far northeast to 50s far southwest, then a few degrees warmer tom. Lows Fri. similar to today, including in FL, with some around 30 as far south as areas just north and west of Lake Okeechobee. Temps well below normal on Sat., then start to warm back closer to normal Sun. into early next week. Normal high today 49 Memphis and 52 Atlanta.

    NORTHERN PLAINS (eastern MT to northwest MN)

      High temperatures yest. from around -10 northeast to the teens some western areas. No major precip past 24 hours.

      Precip stays light here into weekend. HIghs today and tom. from around zero northeast to 20s/low 30s far west. Warmer over all of region this weekend. Normal high today 43 Bismarck.

    SOUTHERN PLAINS (southern NE to northern TX)

      High temperatures yest. from 20s far northeast to 40s/50s much of west and south. Most areas dry past 24 hours. Lows in TX below freezing most areas again today, but generally warmer then yest. There were again some lows in upper 20s/low 30s in far southern TX, with even Brownsville at least as low as 32.

      No significant precip most areas into early next week, some 0.05-0.50" amounts in far east second half of weekend falling as mixed precip in northeast and rain farther south. Highs today from 20s northeast to 50s/low 60s west-central into far south. Most highs similar or a little tom., then readings warming back above normal most areas by Sun. Normal high today 43 Dodge City.


      High temperatures yest. 25-35. Snow has been spreading northward over this area past 24 hours as major storm moves NNE and intensifies off East Coast.

      Major storm intensifies and moves NNE bringing strong winds and snow next 24 hours. Heaviest around Boston with 1-2 feet. Highs today 20s/low 30s, then 15-25 range. tom. into Sat. By Mon. highs back into 25-35 range. Normal high today 40 New York City.


      TROPICAL PACIFIC UPDATE -- The latest weekly value of the sea surface temperature departure from normal in the NINO3.4 region of the Tropical Pacific as of Mon. from the U.S. Climate Prediction Center was -0.6 degrees C., back up from -1.0 degrees C. last week. Recent values have been in the weak La Nina category. Generally milder next few days in a large part of Plains, then milder weather spreads eastward later weekend into first part of next week with most areas have a few days with temps closer to normal. Some colder air returns to northern parts of central into eastern U.S. next week, but overall pattern warmer recent trend. 6-10 day temps near to below normal most northern into central areas of central and eastern U.S. Any much below farther north into Canada. Near to above normal southern areas. 11-15 day temps near to below normal in most of eastern 1/2 of nation, ranging up to near and above normal farther west into Plains. 6-10 day precip near normal Midwest, Delta and Southeast. In Plains near to above normal northern into central areas, near to below normal south. 11-15 day precip near to below normal most of these areas.

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